Are Root Canal Treatments Painful?


Are you worried about your painful tooth? Do you have a sensitivity to hot or cold beverages, have discomfort while chewing, or have swollen gums & jaw? Consider specialized dentists in Premier Dental Lucknow that help you get rid of all your dental problems.

A root canal is the removal of infected pulp tissues to help alleviate tooth pain. Most of the tooth pains are due to infected or decayed teeth, cracked teeth, some trauma to the jaw or face, some incomplete dental procedures.

Most people have some misconceptions that root canal treatments cause pain. But there is no need to dread getting this procedure done. It is because today is the age of modern technology and anesthetics. Getting a root canal treatment is the same as a filling done.

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Signs & Symptoms that may require root canal treatment:

  • If you feel severe pain in the tooth while chewing or on the application of pressure to the tooth.
  • If you feel sensitivity when you eat hot foods or hot drinks or perhaps when drink an icy-cold glass of water or taking ice-cream.
  • When there is a discolored tooth, this might be due to an infection in the pulp tissues or any previous traumatic injuries to the tooth.
  • Having swollen gums near the painful tooth.
  • A broken or cracked tooth, due to some accident, builds bacteria and leads to inflammation and infection.
  • If a tooth feels mobile, that might be due to infection.
  • If there is a pimple-like bump on the gums near the area of teeth pain.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Not, root canal treatment is a very successful and pain-free dental procedure. Many teeth treated with root canal treatment last a lifetime.

How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

It is carried out by expert dentists or endodontist over single or more appointments depending on the clinical situation of the offending tooth and involves the following treatment steps:

1. Initial Preparation:

Before the procedure, the dentist may take a number of X-rays of the infected tooth. This allows having a clear picture and assessing the extent of the damage and anatomical structure of that tooth.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient, which numbs the area to have pain free experience.

2. Removing the infected pulp tissues:

Root canal specialist places a sheet of rubber (Rubber Dam) around the teeth to ensure its dry working field during treatment and to prevent you from swallowing any chemicals the dentist uses during the procedure. Then the infected pulp is removed using specialized endodontic instruments.

3. Cleaning and Filling the Root Canal

After the infected pulp tissue is removed from the root canals, the dentist cleanses and enlarges the root canal to make them regular shape so that they can be filled it with biocompatible materials to prevent any further infections. The tooth is then sealed with temporarily filling followed by permanent filling and crown.

This part of the treatment takes a couple of hours and requires several visits. The patient is prescribed antibiotics to manage and prevent any signs of infections.

4. Placing a Crown

Sometimes adding a dental crown becomes necessary. It is a cap that completely covers tooth all around. It is mandatory to use a crown after root canal treatment to prevent the tooth fracturing.

After the treatment, the tooth is back to its normal functioning and does not cause any pain and discomfort. It is important to take good oral care with regular brushing and flossing and see your dentist regularly to check the condition of your root canal procedure and any crowns or fillings. Endodontic treatments are a highly successful dental procedure in saving a tooth that has been infected or damaged.

Visit Premier Dental Lucknow for painless root canal treatment. The skilled dental experts will give you a wonderful and comfortable experience.


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