How to get rid of yellow teeth?

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Like the pearly white shiny teeth flaunted by models & celebrities? You cannot deny the fact that you wish to have such pearl-like teeth shining always enhancing and beautifying your smile more. But often when you observe your teeth, the teeth have often developed a thin layer of yellow plaque film. After understanding this, you will now ask questions like how to remove the yellow teeth or how to clean the yellow teeth.

Be calm, Premier Dental & Implant Centre Lucknow will help to ease your problem and provide you with causes of yellowish teeth and as well as how to get rid of the yellowish teeth.

The reason behind yellow teeth?

Have a look at the reasons as to why you could end up having yellow teeth.

  • Improper brushing habit
  • Excessive use of fluoride
  • Smoking can cause yellowish discoloration of teeth
  • Excessive use of soda can cause yellowish discoloration
  • Intake of some medicines also has a role in yellow teeth e.g. tetracycline antibiotics in pregnancy

People having yellow teeth, lose their confidence and self-esteem. so, it’s important to get rid of yellow teeth to get back their normal smile.

Dentist Opinion:

Dr.Shashi Yadav: Chief Pedodontist & Director and of Premier Dental & Implant Centre Lucknow says “Visit a dentist to simply get the proper advice and care on how to get rid of the yellow teeth as their expertise will help you to treat the problem in the proper way.”

Dr.Sunil Yadav: Chief Dental Surgeon of Premier Dental & Implant Centre Lucknow says “Yellow teeth discoloration is very common in modern civilization, and it has direct consequences on the confidence and smile of the people. So it’s upbeat that for overall oral dental health one must get rid of yellow teeth.”

Way to get rid of yellow teeth?

  • Proper oral hygiene maintenance and brushing
  • Limit  the use of fizzy and colored drinks
  • Periodic visit to a dentist for check-ups
  • Do regular flossing after a meal
  • Use tooth whitening toothpaste
  • Consume more leafy vegetables and more carrots

One of the best ways is to just visit a good dentist to address the problem of yellow teeth. Dentists will provide you the right guidance and also give more insights as to how to handle such a situation. The dentist will help you draw down the intensity of the problem as advise you whether some simple procedure will help or you need to go for any treatment and avoid further damages to your oral health.

For any further queries, call Premier Dental & Implant Centre Lucknow, we are here to help you.


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